Hair care

Your hair is your crowning glory so if you fall prey to brittle and lifeless hair, it can affect your entire look and your mood as well. So make sure you do everything under the sun to inject some life into your tresses. Gentle care and a few lifestyle measures should do the trick and some damage control too.

Neela Amari Hair Oil

Effective hair oil for all type of hair problems like hair fall, dandruff pre-mature gray. And it nourishes the root of the hair and produce thick, strong and black hair.

Usage: apply 15 to 20 drops of oil in the root of the hair and massage 5-10 minutes in the night and wash in the morning with an ayurvedic shampoo.

Tharahari Oil

Effective against dandruff and dry scalp problems

Usage: Apply 10-15 drops on the scalp only (not hair), thoroughly massage it into the scalp for 5-10 minutes and leave it on overnight and wash in the morning with an Ayurvedic shampoo (only once a week)


Aloe vera shampoo

Coconut shampoo

Hibiscus shampoo

Usage: 5-10 ml of shampoo mix with same quantity of water apply to wet hair